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Closes 19 Aug 2020

The Existing Site

The site is located in Offerton, a suburb within Stockport. Manchester city centre is 9 miles to the north west.

The site is located within the wider campus of Offerton School that closed in 2012. Part of the existing school, the Woodbank building sits within the red line boundary. Castle Hill SEND School, for students aged 11-18, relocated to the Offerton School site from Brinnington in September 2014.

The whole site is within the Greenbelt, although there is an existing precedent for development within the site. However, the majority of the red line boundary is playing fields, an area that is to be retained as part of the Greenbelt. This restricts the proposed building to the location of the existing Woodbank Building, that will be demolished to make way for the new school.

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