High Lane Village Neighbourhood Development Plan

Closes 14 Mar 2021

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High Lane Neighbourhood Plan Policies

High Lane Village Neighbourhood Forum have proposed the following policies within each topic area. Please review and leave comments aginst each proposed policy contained within the document.

Please note, after you have left comments against the policy areas you need to click or tap the finish button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to submit your response. If you do not, your response will not be submitted. If the finish button is not visible, check that have you completed the required information in the 'Personal Details' section.

You can save your responses and come back at a later date to complete them, but once you have submitted a response you cannot edit it. If you wish to amend or retract a response you have submitted, you should email neighbourhood.plans@stockport.gov.uk with your response ID requesting the response to be deleted. You will then need to submit a new response. 




Policy T1

Mitigating Local Traffic Impacts of Development and Improving Air Quality

Policy T2

Liveable Neighbourhoods and Sustainable Travel

Policy H1

Housing Scale and Mix

Policy R1

Protecting and Enhancing Parks and Recreational Areas

Policy R2

Walking, Cycling and Horse Riding

Policy NH1

Protecting Local Landscape Character in the High Lane Area

Policy NH2

Protecting Important Views and Vistas

Policy NH3

Protecting and Enhancing Local Wildlife

Policy HD1

Protecting Built Heritage Assets and their Settings

Policy HD2

High Quality Design and Design Codes

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